Pay Attention to the Fine Print – Chattels

Have you heard of horror stories that upon purchase of a new home, a couple may encounter that there are no appliances. Not just a microwave or toaster oven, but the fridge, range, washer and dryer, all gone?

It happens all the time.

You have to declare in the sale what items are included with the purchase, they are called chattels.

Technically nothing is included, although most people will leave the stove and fridge, maybe even the washer and dryer. But sometimes that doesn’t happen. If you buy from someone who rents properties they could be taking all the appliances to put into another home.

Or maybe someone has the perfect washer and dryer and they want to take them to the new home.

Not considering what you think is included could lead to thousands of dollars in new appliances, money you probably don’t want to spend after buying a home.

Double check your chattels, it’ll save you time and money.