Law School Rankings Ruffle Feathers

US News Law school rankings are out:

Grad schools always jockey for position in the ranking scheme, after all, prestigious spots covet the best teachers and students, and then the cycle continues. But what else do the rankings induce?

If you’re the dean of law and you want to rank higher, then you know certain ranking systems that are held in high esteem, even by consumers, wield a lot of weight. So much so that you may be tempted to fudge your data.

In fact, new research is coming out that suggests pretty much everyone is doing it, or has incentive to. Skewing data to show how graduating students earn a little bit more here, that the percentage of new graduates hired new hires creeps up.

A vicious circle with no end in sight. Too bad, because it’s not the best school or best education that wins, but those with the deepest pockets (and alumni kicking in too….maybe that is an indicator that certain graduates are doing quite well :P).