General vs. Specific Practices

There’s a lot to be said about specific law practices. In fact, there are few ‘general’ practices. Unlike the trades, lawyers typically aren’t ‘Jack of all Trades’. One guy doesn’t specialize in all forms of law. Certainly, there is a general knowledge of other areas, but specialization is very real and something you should pay attention to when selecting an attorney. just going with someone’s cousin Guido doesn’t mean you’re a shoe in for success.

There are certain times when you may seek counsel from a general practice attorney, or someone in a different specialization, but I would recommend keeping that consult as just that–consultation on what to do next. Be it insurance, real estate, traffic, family, estate planning, everything you need pretty much, there’s going to be specialized help.

For good reason too, law is not exactly a subject you can master, especially if you stretch beyond one or a few specializations. The intricacies of every discipline are all the more reasons to select someone who’s done more than scratch the surface of basic law in a particular area.

Experience matters, pay attention, and increase the chances of a positive outcome for your issue.