Dime a Dozen for Attorneys – Do Your Research

There’s an old saying that attorneys are a, “dime a dozen”. With the advent of social media the tools to select the right attorney for the right job, and compare all at the same time, is at your fingertips.

That means the following concern should happen less in our digital age.

My attorney for 2 years has done nothing that I understand. I drive 80 miles one way for a meeting and we discuss options/strategies then I leave (after she charges 400.00) and she does not follow thru. The first year she did a great job but now the attorney spills her personal info about her own troubles. The type of battle I hired her is for a custody case where the father has been found in contempt, found to be lying to counselor about child. My attorney has stopped returning my calls or emails or texts and I think its because I told her I am broke (43,000 spent so far) I asked for a copy of my parenting plan and what does her office send – Counselor’s notes – I think I need to cut my losses and get another attorney.

Although attorney’s work for you, you do’nt have to put up with their personal life. It’s not a time for them to bruden you with their personal problems. After all you’re paying them top dollar to do a job for you in a professional and timely manner.

If the attorney you contact can’t return your calls at initial contact then what makes you think they’ll talk to you when you’re a client? Same goes for attorneys that no longer return calls. Cut you losses and move on, find someone who will do a more professional job.