What are the statute of limitations on injury claims?

You slipped on city property and will be bringing a claim against the city.

You’ve been hit from behind by an automobile and you feel fine for a couple of weeks but then you’re starting to get pain in your neck.

No matter your story, if you’re injured and plan on filing a claim you should be aware of your limitations.

The timeframes for claims varies widely. Sometimes you need to file within a couple of weeks if you’re filling against a municipality. Many other limitations on injury claims have a cap of two years. It depends on your region and who you are bringing action to. Be sure to do your research in your area.

It’s important to remember that if you’re injured in any way you should consult an attorney to at least double check what time limitations you’re going to be faced with. The worst thing to do is have an injury, delay in getting the right information, then find out you’ve run out of time to make a claim. Then you’ll be sitting around injured with no course of action or chance for compensation.

Generally most injury lawyers will clearly and concisely tell you what your options are in the first meeting.

Also remember that it’s your personal injury lawyer that will operate on your behalf–your best interests. Insurance companies do not have an obligation to look after your self interests, they look after themselves.

So make the right call and don’t hesitate to seek legal advice if you’re caught wondering what your options are.