Just a Number with Insurance Companies

We all have to get insurance if we do certain things like drive. Other forms of insurance are ways of mitigating risk, like life insurance or home insurance.

To complicate matters there are a variety of forms of insurance one can purchase to protect the same thing. Life insurance has ‘term insurance’ or the much maligned ‘universal life‘, but there thousands of iterations.

But what happens if you need to make a claim?

Face, insurance companies make money off your premiums. If you have to pay out a claim then your premiums skyrocket. It always happens. But why’s that? Don’t the insurance companies work for you? Turns out they don’t. Although your insurance company will work in your interest vs. another insurance company (usually), at the end of the day clients are merely numbers.

Numbers that equate to profit.

Insurance companies do’nt want to pay claims a penny more than they have to, that means not looking out for your best interests (say in the event of a car accident and you’re injured). Sometimes getting legal counsel immediately is the only way to ensure you get what your entitled to. Having someone in your court means hiring an attorney.

remember that, they are ‘your’ insurance company but the only person who is really responsible for YOU is the attorney you hire.