Unseen Doesn’t Mean Un-hurt

Soft tissue damage is usually unseen. That means to people around you your injuries seem like phantom boo-boos, but in reality you’re in real pain. Family, friends, and other loved ones need to show empathy to those with soft tissue damage as these injuries do not come with broken bones or prolonged bruising.

You may slowly find yourself doing less and less around the house because your injuries are getting worse and worse. To those around you it may seem as if you’re physically fine on the outside and are just getting lazy! Remember, just because it can’ tbe seen doesn’t mean you aren’t hurt!

The Before and After: What Designation Were you Before law?

Law is a funny business. When you apply to go to law school you honestly get the whole kit and kaboodle. Any tool, clown, and wise ass can apply and succeed in graduating. Of course, this leaves a massive range of expertise when it comes to lawyers. Some have wimpy liberal arts degrees that are only revealed as the mysterious “BA”. Others are legitimate (well maybe not legit, but a bit more interesting than philosophy or English Lit). I’m talking about the difference between the economist, the finance major, or the health sciences grad–not wait, scratch the last one. Continue reading “The Before and After: What Designation Were you Before law?”

Why Just About Mary J?

When I’m browsing through the blog land, or some Q&A forums online, why are 50% of the questions about legalizing marijuana? First off, how can a stoner coherently figure out how to post on an online forum? Secondly, what’s with the volume? Have I missed the marijuana boat? And since when has this become one of the top legal issues to trend on the web?

I looked a bit closer into the phenomenon and noted some trends, take what you wish from the data. Continue reading “Why Just About Mary J?”

BP Lawyers Licking Chops

Oh what I wouldn’t do to be a BP lawyer right now. Conversely, what I wouldn’t do to be anybody taking them to court. If you pick any classic Oil Giant vs. Little Guy battle you’ll find a recognizable trend: these babies drag out for EVER. You can pretty much guarantee your mortgage payments for the next 15 years, maybe even 25. The only caveat to the BP disaster is that the spill pissed off people with TV. You can rape rural Ecuador for their oil, but if you do it in the place where TV cameras roll then you’re screwed. Continue reading “BP Lawyers Licking Chops”


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