Why Just About Mary J?

When I’m browsing through the blog land, or some Q&A forums online, why are 50% of the questions about legalizing marijuana? First off, how can a stoner coherently figure out how to post on an online forum? Secondly, what’s with the volume? Have I missed the marijuana boat? And since when has this become one of the top legal issues to trend on the web?

I looked a bit closer into the phenomenon and noted some trends, take what you wish from the data.

When I search the trends of ‘law school’ vs. ‘marijuana’ law school actually wins in terms of mention frequency. Surprising since only a handful attempt to get into law school whereas I would surmise more than a handful smoke pot.

That’s the trend for most of the USA, however, cities like Sacramento either need more lawyers, or have too many stoners because they have greater frequency for ‘marijuana’ than ‘law school’.

Now make a note, this is frequency trend, meaning any mention of ‘law school’ from law schools to search for schools outweighs the same mentions in Google for ‘marijuana’. Still, a bit surprising to say the least, unless Google is somehow filtering results.

So maybe it’s more popular to go to law school than smoke pot….. or some other zany association I haven’t thought of.