The Before and After: What Designation Were you Before law?

Law is a funny business. When you apply to go to law school you honestly get the whole kit and kaboodle. Any tool, clown, and wise ass can apply and succeed in graduating. Of course, this leaves a massive range of expertise when it comes to lawyers. Some have wimpy liberal arts degrees that are only revealed as the mysterious “BA”. Others are legitimate (well maybe not legit, but a bit more interesting than philosophy or English Lit). I’m talking about the difference between the economist, the finance major, or the health sciences grad–not wait, scratch the last one.

The economists can take his boring career and turn it into an even boringer (<-- is that word) career as a tax lawyer. Ok, maybe something like trust and estate law would fit too. Hopefully you'd make a lot of money, but many you'd better be an introvert 😛 What about these other grads? Health sciences? English?! Admittedly you can't be totally out to lunch since the LSAT is supposed to weed these people out, but where does one end up after four years of strange schooling? If you're set up for a career to be a librarian do you really make a good lawyer? Someone give me some anecdotes, and while you're at it, what degree did you have before law school.