Stop Metered Internet in Canada

No legal action yet, but you can bet political careers are about to end, and the CRTC, Canada’s telecommunications department, will lose in the latest attempt by the telecommunications oligopoly in Canada.

Because people are starting to rent less DVDs, watch less TV, and increasing their bandwidth use to watch online movies, TV, youtubes, the big companies want their billions in revenue through a different means.

No doubt, money is to be had with metering internet usage. But the thing is, this is the direction of our future. From cell phones to at home, the use of the web will increase exponentiallya s we start using streaming media mroe than traditional sources.

What to do now? Is it a legitimate concern for telecommunications businesses? Or is this a massive money grab? One thing is for sure, Telus, Bell, Rogers, etc., are making massive PROFTS as we speak, and this will only lead to consumers paying THROUGH THE NOSE for web service (nobody is going to pay less!)

Afraid yet? If you’re in Canada then sign the petition!