Metered Data is a HUGE legal issue

Coming up to a newstand near you will be the heated debate on data.

You know the stuff, data in your cell phone, bandwidth for your internet.

There are two major issues coming to the forefront.

The first has to do with erroneous billing practices by ATT .

A class-action lawsuit was filed accusing ATT of rounding, charging, and making up data usage by up to 300% extra .

ATT of course denies any wrongdoing.

Whether or not they have ’rounded up to the nearest 300th%’ to me is a non-issue but I’m interested to see what happens in court with this particular action. To me the issue is how cellular companies get away with charging EXCEPTIONALLY HUGE amounts for tiny data usages (a txt message is 35 cents if you go beyond your plan. That’s 35 cents to transport a 5k TOPS message). It’s a racket.

Speaking of racket, Canadians are getting the raw end of the stick on internet usage, I’ll post on that tomorrow.