How to Select the Right Lawyer for the Job

Common sense.

I should just publish now….OK, here are a few additional tips.

First off the best way to at least get acquainted with the right attorney is to operate on recommendation.

That would be a recommendation and referral from someone you trust.

After that use common sense, do your due diligence. THere are a lot of ways to check out the lawyer in question. Look online for peer and client reviews. You can also check if there are issues against the lawyer at the bar level.

Following that you want to use another piece of common sense. Your particular need should fall into a category of expertise for the particular lawyer. Don’t get a real estate lawyer to handle your divorce and vice versa. Although some lawyers can be ‘jack of all trades’ the reality is that lawyer may be good at many things kind of well and expert in nothing.

Lastly, commons sense, call your lawyer and chat about their experience, the way they handle cases, and discuss your case with them. If you don’t feel comfortable with your selection remember the saying, “attorneys are a dime a dozen”. Although they don’t really cost a dime, you can find another one with ease.