3 Reasons to Take Care of Your Criminal Record

From the misdemeanour to the felony, once individuals complete their time many turn their life around. The process to get back on track can be a long one, but during that time you’ll want to be mindful of some future issues to be ready for. If you have or had a criminal record there are certain life situations that may be impacted.

The Job Interview

Businesses are using a criminal background check more often these days to filter out undesirable candidates. Any blemish on your record could spell disaster before you get that chance to give out a firm handshake.

Crossing the Border

A criminal background check is standard at most borders. If you plan on travelling internationally, it can be a real shocker to get turned away at the border. Realistically, a border guard has the right to turn away anyone that gives them a negative feeling, but those with criminal records tend to pass on negative feelings more than others.

Adopting a Child

Anyone that has undergone the work of adopting a child will tell you, the screening process is thorough and exhaustive. A spotless record is a prerequisite in almost every case.

How Do I Check My Own Record?

You can stop in to your local police station, and request for a criminal records search on yourself. If it comes up clean, you can ask for a document that reflects you have no criminal record.

Mine Didn’t Come Up Clean

Any interaction with the law can show up on your record. Don’t be shocked to see something you were not expecting. Sometimes a simple clerical error, or a case of mistaken identity can blemish your clean record. In the state of Utah, almost half of the law enforcement agencies collecting statistics are using a reporting system that hasn’t changed much since the 1930’s.

If you have something on your record that needs to be expunged, look for help. Canadians may rely on a service like the one offered at Express Pardons, while those of us South of the 49th Parallel can seek the services of a lawyer. A good lawyer will give the right advice to clear our record and regain control of our future.